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Books are the ultimate key to expanding your reach and sharing your expertise with a wider audience. Books open doors, create a legacy piece and establish you as a thought leader in your industry. But writing that book can seem daunting (enter CLUTCH).


We dislike the term "ghostwriters." We are the architects of your story. You are the expert, the thought leader, the author. This is your book, in your words. Our job is to ask the right questions and pull that valuable Information from you in only twelve hours of your time. We do the technical work of structuring your message and getting it into your voice, with every 't' crossed and every 'i' dotted. This isn't ghostwriting: this is story shaping.


At CLUTCH we believe in the passionate art of self-expression. We believe that personal branding supports the evolution of who you are 'BE'COMING. You—our authors, speakers & impeccably-branded rockstars—are AUTHENTIC, ORIGINAL and UNIQUE. We help you to DEFINE who you are, POSITION yourself in the marketplace, PACKAGE your personal brand, CHAMPION it through a network of raving fans & LAUNCH it to the world.


It's time for you to get paid to show up and be who you are. We use an alternative business model that flips the traditional org chart upside down and places YOU at the top. Building equity in yourself is vital in today's uncertain world. It's time for you to BE THE BRAND.



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